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design for a sustainable future


Energy efficient space

Over the last years more and more energy efficient building types have come to market. Home owners and buyers have become environmentally aware and appreciate the monetary savings that come with energy efficiency. As building technology has advanced, energy efficient buildings have been designed to be more comfortable than traditional buildings especially as air flows and temperature can be adjusted to human needs.

Oxford based green unit eco spaces offers highly energy efficient units which - according to their technical specification - are built to Passivhaus standards.

The units are highly insulated timber frame structures, feature energy efficient glazing, air and heat exchange systems and green roofs. The buildings arrive pre-assembled and are set up on site within days causing minimum disruption. The units can be specified for different purposes such as a living, trade, school or work space.

A major disadvantage of the design is the barrel shape of the building: Tall people cannot stand up straight in parts of the building and volume is created which cannot be used. There is not much wall space to put furniture and hang paintings or photos. Rectilinearity might be conventional, but it is also very useful.

For full details please see http://www.greenunit.co.uk