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design for a sustainable future


Furnie - bright modern responsible designer furniture

Newly launched London-based online store Furnie brings together a selection of elegant modern Scandinavian-style furniture from a number of high quality brands and new designers. 


All the store's products and materials are responsibly sourced. Wood comes from sustainably certified sources, wood finishes are either natural oils or water based lacquers, and fabrics use all or mostly natural fibres. Furnie gives customers as much information as possible about the materials that go into their products. 


Furnie was founded by Fearghal Corbett, who came up with the name as a short, friendly and easy to remember version of 'furniture'. 


Fearghal started Furnie because he wanted to create a store that brought together the best of modern design, expert workmanship and products carefully considered for quality and impact on the environment.


Furnie offers well designed furniture to last a lifetime.