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30.03.2009 08:48 Age: 6 yrs
Category: materials

Recycling is TOP

In the EU we have a well established and well functioning re-cycling industry. It provides protection of the environment and contributes to the availability of raw materials in the EU. This reduces the need for energy intensive mining and production of virgin materials. The TOP recycling system designed by Konstantin Grcic offers a great help in private households, small businesses and offices to contribute to this effort.

The waste management and recycling industries in the EU turn over Euro 96 billion each year and employ an estimated 1.5 million people. This includes waste collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of materials. There are over 60,000 companies in the sector and most of them are small and medium sized enterprises. Large quantities of waste paper and waste plastics are exported.

Recycling is of strategic importance to the environment. It is estimated that each year over 200 million tonnes of CO2 are saved by recycling materials such as glass, paper, metals and plastics. At the same time it makes valuable strategic materials available to EU industry. When waste is sorted to a high standard and contamination is avoided, it has the best potential for finding demand in the market.

It is our responsibility to sort the waste in our households and businesses. The TOP waste management system designed by Konstantin Grcic helps you to manage your recycling according to your household and local needs. It can either be used as a single bin or as a complete system to separate plastics, glass, paper or compost from the remaining waste. The lids of the bins open and shut automatically with one touch and they are colour coded to distinguish between the different compartments. The system is also available in a light grey with pictograms instead of colours on the lids.

Each bin is 19cm in diameter and 60cm high and the shape and colour give it a light look and feel. The bins can be wall mounted and stabilized with connectors. As the system is modular it allows you to adjust it to your needs and makes it easy to avoid the contamination of your recycling material.

The TOP recycling system is available through www.authentics.de .

If you want to explore the work of Konstantin Grcic and his team, visit www.konstantin-grcic.com.