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14.12.2011 18:43 Age: 4 yrs
Category: energy

Smart home, smart energy

Smart technologies are now an integral part of our lives. The use of mobile devices and the internet have become second nature. Due to rising energy costs more households invest in energy efficiency measures or renewable energy technologies. Both can be supported by the smart energy platform developed by PassivSystems.


The platform is designed to help people manage their existing heating and hot water systems as well as any renewable systems they may install in the future. All the component parts such as the heating, solar PVs, batteries, water meters and thermostats, 'speak' to each other using a wireless network. External data like weather forecasts is accessed using your home's existing broadband connection. At the heart of this completely connected platform is a hub which is capable of learning how to manage the whole system in the most efficient way for every individual home.


Over time the system develops profiles of energy demand and optimises energy use according to the requirements of the household. It allows the user to control heating times and it smoothes out expensive peak demands. The system senses outside temperatures and adjusts the heating accordingly. On a screen the home owner can see the amount of renewable energy generated or whether the battery for the electric car is charged.


PassivSystems put great effort into designing the systems as user friendly as possible. It is not the boiler and other technology which dictates the use but the homeowner. Visualising energy use alone can help to reduce energy consumption of private households up to 10%. The well designed and very clear interfaces make energy information around the house accessible, easy to understand and manage. Last not least PassivSystems offers and iPhone app which acts like a remote control for your home.


Until now we have been used to receive monthly or quarterly utility bills. Smart and interactive technology as well as the generation of energy in our properties will not only reduce our energy bills, it will also change our relationship with the utility companies. If you own a property built according to PassivHaus standards you will get as much from your utility company as you give them.


For full details of PassivSystems please see www.passivsystems.com .