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16.02.2010 23:37 Age: 5 yrs
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Food for the journey

Over the last years there has been an increasing awareness of where our food comes from. Organic food suppliers have sprung up and a lot of people buy food which is locally produced. If you are planning to maintain such a lifestyle whilst on holiday, Organic Places to Stay offers you all the information you need.

The website is a directory of places around the world which offer produce which is certified according to local organic food standards. Most of the listed holiday locations are small and family run businesses which care about farming in tunewith nature and biodiversity. The money spent in these places will stay in the local communities.

Around two thirds of the places listed offer meals, usually breakfast, but lunches and evening meals are often available as well. Many of these places have their own small restaurant, a few of which are certified organic, and others may have a certified organic kitchen garden, orchard or vineyard.

Meals are prepared using local organic produce whenever possible. On average this will be at least 50% organic, but many of the places offer a much higher percentage, up to 100% organic. Quite a few of them grow their own produce, some use wild or natural foods, and most will aim to use fresh local produce rather than imported food.

The rest of the places are self-catering on organic farms or smallholdings. At these places you will find information about the availability of organic food - for example whether you can buy the farm's own organic produce, have an organic vegetable box delivered, or find organic produce in the local area.

Fresh produce, local specialities, slow food, home baking, homemade products such as jam, juice, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, wine - you will find all of these and more.

The website is well designed, user friendly and easy to navigate - www.organicholidays.co.uk .