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22.06.2011 17:27 Age: 4 yrs
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Barbialla Nuova - sustainable tourism

Summer - most of us are looking forward to having a break over the coming weeks. Western Europe accounts for 40.9% of all tourist arrivals worldwide and tourism has a huge economic and environmental impact. In recent years we have seen a strong trend towards sustainable tourism. 


Barbialla Nuova is an organic farm and 'agriturismo' helping to take both tourism and farming in Tuscany in a direction that safeguards the environment, lifestyle and wellbeing of the region. The farm received its organic farming certification in 1992 but the policy behind the farm has always been based on respect for the earth and high quality production. The farm is organically certified and almost no fodder for the animals is bought in. The cows are also bred on the farm.


The custodial mentality to the agricultural land extends to the woods where the timber is sustainably harvested on a 30 year rotation. The timber is used to fuel the boilers located in each house for the central heating and hot water.


'We do not support hunting and limit the hunters on our land as much as possible. Wolves have been recently seen in the woods indicating healthy biodiversity.'


The farm employs people who live locally or on the farm itself and supports the local businesses in the nearby regionand towns. Guests are encouraged to shop locally and organically and the on-farm shop is stocked primarily with products produced within a half hour drive from the farm.


Barbialla Nuova is based on the 'slow movement' philosophy which encourages people to engage with the culture and surroundings, to spend time, to listen and to appreciate a different way of being. Once a week the team invites guests to join them for a communal meal of  vegetables and fruits produced on the farm or  Fattoria di Corazzano, the nearby organic vegetable farm.


The team at Barbialla Nuova takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is always investing time and money into improvements; reducing energy usage through automatic lights and energy efficient bulbs and appliances, encouraging guests to recycle as well as monitor their water and energy use. The rooms have water limiting showers and taps and the water is from the farm itself, the boilers are top of the range for efficiency and solar hot water is used through the summer months. Barbialla Nuova  is currently  developing an environmental policy in line with the European eco labeling criteria, focussing on hazardous waste disposal, renewable energy sources, no smoking policy and environmental education.


For full details please visit www.barbiallanuova.it


You can get there by train from all over Europe and the following websites can help you to plan your journey www.seat61.com or www.raileurope.co.uk