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Sound materials

Issues of sustainability and wellbeing cause us to re-assess our attitudes towards materials. Previously held concepts of quality and aesthetic may well change when the materials we use are evaluated against environmental criteria. Materials which are locally sourced and made from renewable resources gain more and more prevalence.

Summertime - many of us travel and go on holiday to find some peace and quiet. But to get there we have to go through train stations, service stations along motorways and airports - public spaces built from steel, glass and concrete. We hope for a relaxing get-away and end up in stressful and noisy environments. Anything that can be done to improve the environmental performance of these buildings is to be welcomed.

Heradesign specialise in the production of acoustically efficient ceiling systems. Their products are made from three key ingredients: water, magnesite and wood wool, all of which are ecologically sound and can be locally sourced.

The latest Heradesign panel product fine A2 is non-combustible and sound absorbing. The panels help to regulate the indoor climate, they are emission free and durable. The products are offered in different colours according to your needs and after use they are easy to recycle.

Heradesign products are produced to very high standards and hold a number of environmental and ecological certifications. They are sound and healthy materials for the interiors of airports, stations, public meeting spaces, workplace environments and schools.

For full company and product information please see www.heradesign.at

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