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09.05.2011 17:16 Age: 4 yrs
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Raw sustainable

Production of cotton is highly energy and water intensive. It is grown in large monocultures and to keep the plants healthy large amounts of pesticides are needed. We all love cotton in our clothes, because it is a soft, natural and durable material. There are alternative materials which have a very similar quality but less impact on the consumption of energy and resources.


G-Star Raw - the Dutch fashion label - has been working with alternative materials and sustainable processes for many years. They currently have three sustainable labels and product lines.


The Raw Nettle (green label) is a mix of nettle sourced fabric and cotton which produces a perfect denim. Nettles are easy to grow and they are available in abundance. The material is hardwearing and works well in shirts, jeans and jackets.


RAW Organic (blue label) uses cotton manufactured without the use of pesticides or other pollutants; and RAW Recycled (orange label) blends post-consumer denim waste with organic cotton. Both product lines retain the same blend of hard-wear influenced details, elegance and functionality as every other G-Star products.


This season RAW Sustainable offers a fresh and modern play on authentic work-wear inspired clothing. G-Star Elwood styling cues are fused with a distinctive camouflage print inspired by World War I 'Dazzle Ships'. This unexpected combination gives the collection a super graphic and modern twist.


For details on the G-Star Raw Sustainable collection go to www.g-star.com


Brennels produces fabrics from nettles ...  www.brennels.nl