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Drinking water

Drinking water is one of the most regulated food stuffs in the European Union and many other countries across the globe. In our western societies drinking water is clean and safe to drink. Still - the sales of bottled water in the UK peaked in 2007 with the sale of 2 billion bottles per year. Here are some facts about drinking water and a well designed solution if you want to keep the sparkle ...

Around 25% of all bottled water is transported across borders. Whilst the transport from France into the UK might be relatively short, some waters are flown in from as far away as the South Pacific.

To get 1 litre of bottled water from the source via the factory, motorways and supermarkets onto your dining table, on average, the energy equivalent of 0.3 litres of oil is required. If you draw a litre of water from your kitchen tap the energy equivalent is 0.0003 litres of oil -  one thousandth of the bottled water energy requirement!

In Germany 68% per cent of all households buy bottled water on a regular basis, which completely ruins their green balance sheet as well as their green reputation. In Sweden only 6% of all households buy bottled water.

The cost of 1 litre of bottled water in a UK supermarket is somewhere between 50 pence and £1. Expensive and exclusive designer brands with a price ticket up £50 per litre are available. The cost for a litre of tap water in London is £0.001 - again, one thousandth of the price.

In addition to the energy waste, most water is sold in plastic bottles. In 2006 only 17% of plastic bottles in the UK were recycled.

Tap water is clean, safe, cheap and it cuts resource and energy use to a minimum. If you want add some sparkle and taste to your drinking water, companies like Soda-Club provide well designed solutions.