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22.10.2009 00:40 Age: 6 yrs
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From on the go to re-use

Coffee on the go has been one of the big trends over the last decade. We very happily wander the streets clutching our lattes and cappuccinos. The cups made from paper or plastic are everywhere. One million plastic cups are used on airline flights in the US in six hours alone. The cups are used once and often go directly to landfill or an incinerator. Are there better solutions?

The designers at the Australian company KeepCup thought about this problem and came up with a barista standard reusable coffee cup, which integrates seamlessly into any coffee and espresso outlet. 

KeepCups are lightweight and portable. They are designed to fit under the heads of coffee machines and they have the same internal volume as takeaway cups ensuring consistent portioning of espresso and milk each time.

The cups also come with a sealable lid that fits all sizes and an outer band which can be customised with your coffee preference or brand. This builds on another big trend of the last decade: plastic wrist bands in support of charities.

According to KeepCup their products, in comparison to other reusable cups, are manufactured with very low embodied energy. The product is new on the market and the life expectancy of a cup is around 4 years. It can be 100% recycled after use.

Then there is obviously always the slow and old fashion option of taking your coffee sitting in a coffee house talking to your friends, reading the newspaper in peace or watching the world go by.

The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury in London now offers KeepCups - www.theespressoroom.com . More information about the products and the company is on www.keepcup.com.au .

The American photographer Chris Jordan visualises the amount of garbage we produce every day in his series Running the Numbers - www.chrisjordan.com .