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24.08.2010 10:04 Age: 5 yrs
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Copenhagen Parts for your bicycle

About half of all car journeys in urban areas are shorter than 5km and for such short distances a bicycle is, in most cases, the fastest means of transport. Bicycles need far less space than cars, they are quiet and - taking manufacturing into account - their CO2 emissions are very low. Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle friendly cities and Copenhagen Parts recently launched the Bike Porter, which makes it easy to get your stuff around town. 

To achieve a reduction of 40% of CO2 emissions by 2020 a country such as Germany will have to reduce its emissions from transport by 15 million tonnes per annum. Technical innovations and higher energy efficiency will help to achieve these goals. If, however, 5% of all car journeys were done by public transport and 30% of all car journeys shorter than 5km were done by bicycle, 3 to 4 million tonnes of CO2 could be saved each year.

Well, yes - I would use the bicycle, but how do I get what I need for work to the office and my shopping home?

Copenhagen Parts offers a solution: the Bike Porter - an integrated handlebar and basket.

Old-school basket weave is fine if that is your thing, but what real choice is there if you care about how your bike looks, and your style is more urban than country cottage? What if you ride a stylish single-speed but you also want to carry bags and groceries?

The Bike Porter combines cool aesthetics with functionality without corrupting the clean, simple lines of your bicycle.

By integrating the basket into the handlebar, the Bike Porter offers a stylish transport option which works as part of your bike as well as introducing an evolution in style.

The Bike Porter is easy to fit and secure. It stands out through its quality, simplicity and style. The product is made from heat-treated alloy tubing and rod, making it lightweight and robust.  It is designed to attach to the stem easily, installed just like any normal handlebar and it can be attached to any bicycle using a two part stem.

For more details see the website - http://copenhagenparts.com

The product was designed by Good Morning Technology, Copenhagen - www.gmtn.dk

In London the Bike Porter is available at www.tokyofixedgear.com