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11.01.2012 15:42 Age: 4 yrs
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Slow Fashion

Over the last 30 years fast fashion has become part of our lifestyles. T-shirts for £5 or less, worn once or twice are no exception. Until the end of the 1970's most garments were manufactured in the countries where they were sold and worn, now raw materials and clothes zig zag across the globe before end up in our shops.  In the UK on average 30kg of textiles per person go to landfill each year. Tons of toxic chemicals are released into water through pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing and laundry. Bougainvillea Couture was started to make a difference and to push the boundaries of ?slow? sustainable fashion and textiles.


Parts of the fashion industry are starting to rethink their approach as it is important to take control as responsible human beings and designers to help preserve our ecosystems and waterways.


Bougainvillea Couture advocates such positive measures, it is a philosophical concept morphed out of nature with the sole intent to practice the use of environmentally friendly techniques for the making of sustainable and ecologically designed fabrics. It borrows inspiration from cultural riches of the past in the hope to instigate a significant revival of the use of natural dyes and fibres within the realms of Haute Couture.


Bougainvillea Couture not only implements ethical methods of textile craftsmanship but also brings together highly skilled dyers, artists and designers from all over the world for the making of special fabrics and garments. It is a responsible approach to branding that promises to deliver the making of ?slow? fashion through the use of creative textiles with ecology and design at the core.


Bougainvillea Couture plans to develop sustainable fabrics that would captivate an extended audience in a more environmentally friendly industry in order to help sustain the very people who help create it.


Bougainvillea Couture was founded in 2011 and has been conceptualized by Venezuelan born and renowned UK based fashion/textile designer Luiven Rivas-Sanchez, a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, whose visionary work in fashion and textiles takes him to places around the world in search of knowledge and inspiration for the making of textiles suitable for high fashion. John Galliano, Katharine Hamnett and Comme des Garcons to name a few have all commissioned his work.


For further information on Bougainvillea Couture and the Work of Luiven Rivas-Sanchez, please visit the following links:





Sustinendi will showcase more of Bougainvillea Couture over the next months and Luiven Rivas-Sanchez will present his work at one of our events in March. More details and and invitations will follow.




For further information on the topic of Fast Fashion please also see 'Well dressed? The present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom', University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing.


The Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology runs a project on Plant Dyes for the Textile Industry www.fabrikderzukunft.at/results.html/id2952 (translated Future Factory).