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21.07.2010 10:22 Age: 4 yrs
Category: spaces

Sitting comfortably?

Two mega trends will continue to have a major impact on our lifestyles over the next years - the continued growth of information technology and the challenges and opportunities arising through the development of low carbon economies. The COMPOS chair responds very well to both of these trends.  

Through mobile technologies working has become more interactive than ever before and the nature of work has changed dramatically. New technologies, activity models and networking have increased the need for working in a flexible way and in new places.

The COMPOS chair manufactured by the Finnish company PIIROINEN was developed from a user centred design perspective resulting in a product full of inspiration, making use of both open and closed spaces and enabling working alone or together in smaller groups. Multifunction use and transformability have been the cornerstones in the design process. The COMPOS chair was designed for open plan workspaces, public seating areas and flexible working.   

Samuli Naamanka designed the chair and there is a material innovation behind the COMPOS collection: the seats of the chairs are produced from Finnish linen and corn starch which is polymerized from natural fibre.

At the beginning of the design process the team decided that they wanted to use an organic material. This material obviously had to meet the demands of the furniture industry and achieve curves that are bent into three directions as well as allow for different thickness.

The material is locally sourced and 100% biodegradable. On top of that the costs of the mould for this technology are remarkably lower than plastic or aluminium moulds.     

Meet the designer - www.samulinaamanka.com

More product information you can find on www.piiroinen.com

If you are interested in the opportunities bio plastics offer, please see www.european-bioplastics.org