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07.09.2010 19:42 Age: 4 yrs
Category: spaces

Old wisdom and high tech

When buying products and following a truly sustainable agenda, we will have to look into the materials they are made of. Topics such as transport of materials, manufacturing processes, re-cycled content and recycling, the expected live cycle and durability become important aspects. The Swedish lighting company Wästberg designed a task light which takes all these criteria into account. 

The task light Claesson Koivisto Rune w101 was developed by the lighting company Wästberg in collaboration with the Swedish forestry company Södra and the Swedish architects and designers Claesson Koivisto Rune. The product is made from DuraPulp, which is a paper product.

For a long time paper has been used in the design of lamp shades mainly as a component for the casing. The project team however took on the challenge of merging electricity, paper and light and to use paper as a structural element.

A key element of Magnus Wästberg's philosophy is to combine old wisdom and skills with ground breaking technology. In this product he combines paper, renewable manufacturing processes and LED technology.

One principle mission for Södra is to develop and supply the raw materials for the future based on renewable forest resources. DuraPulp is a totally renewable material.

DuraPulp is made from selected pulp combined with PLA (Polylactic acid, a renewable biopolymer produced from starch). The two components in combination provide special properties that can be reinforced through hot pressing. DuraPulp is a material with high wet strength, high water resistance, high dimensional stability as well as high tensile strength and bending stiffness. The material is made from 100% renewable fibres and is fully biodegradable.