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30.03.2011 11:20 Age: 4 yrs
Category: spaces

Timber at heart

Dinesen HeartOak®, The Gallery Mess Cafe, London

Timber has always been a building material for houses. It is solid and can last for centuries. Over the last years the appreciation of timber has grown as it is considered CO2 neutral. Dinesen have recently launched a new exclusive plank called Dinesen HeartOak® - a product which has sustainability, quality, longevity and design at its core.    


Dinesen is a company which has been run by the same family for 110 years and it is Denmark's leading manufacturer of high quality plank floors. The company almost exclusively uses timbers from sustainable raw wood.


The concept of sustainability comes from German forestry and is almost 300 years old. It means that forests and woodlands are well managed and maintained over generations and centuries. The amount of trees cut down every year does not exceed the amount planted. Sustainable wood comes from forests where there is respect for vegetation and animal life, for the economy and for the people that live in and of the forests.


Sustainable timbers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC or the Pan European Forest Council PEFC. Certification is of vast significance to forests outside Europe, where forests are not always managed properly. When specifying timbers you should look out for the FSC or PEFC logo as it guarantees  that the material comes from sustainable sources.


The trees used for HeartOak® are about 150 to 200 years old. They have lived through dry summers, hard winters, storm and wind which have left their traces. When the tree is cut you can see the knots and the annual rings - the tree reveals its history and secrets. Dinesen use as much of the wood as possible, anything else would be disrespectful. Every plank is carried from hand to hand through quality control and it is decided what will happen with each of the plank's knots and cracks.


The planks are up to 0.5 metres wide and 6 metres long. Each plank has its own unique look and beauty. An oak floor can last for centuries and over the years it will change and develop a patina which reflects the space and the people using it.


For sustainable wood certification please see:

Forest Stewardship Council FSC - www.fsc.org

Pan European Forest Council PEFC - www.pefc.org


The link for Dinesen is www.dinesen.com